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Best of the Best Jeannie Bottle Artists

Michelleís Dreamy Jeannie Bottles:
This is my finest tribute to the most astounding Jeannie bottle artist I have found. Michelle presides over Dreamy Jeannie and her artistry is both dreamy and magical in every way. Michelle is the sole re-creator of the most memorable television prop ever fashioned for a series that sparks peopleís imagination and fond childhood memories. With meticulous fidelity to the original Jeannie bottle design on the series and in the reunion movies, Michelle has recreated Jeannieís bottle in all its captivating splendor and mischievous adventure.

Shannon The Bottle Genie:
Shannon is a hidden gem in the world of Jeannie bottle artists. I first contacted her in the early days of my quest to obtain a painting guide for the second season Jeannie bottle. After losing touch with her in the midst of the holidays we reconnected and I obtained her second season Jeannie bottle with more on the way no doubt. She presides over The Bottle and is preparing both a first season and reunion bottle set to round out her offering. Her work is meticulous and faithful to the original Jeannie bottle.

Dan Moyer:
Dan Moyer has been painting bottles for over a decade. Danís claim to fame is that he produced the bottle used in the AT&T commercial with Barbara Eden. Dan no longer paints primarily on replica ceramic bottles but on Jim Beam bottles as well. Danís Jeannie bottles are unique and make a very complimentary set when viewed together. In addition to Danís amazing bottles he also produces a myriad of other prop replicas from other popular Sitcoms like the Munsters and movies like the Wizard of OZ you may view more of his work at:

Mary at Moosaics:
Mary and her partner Cher have created Moosaics the premiere site for custom original mosaic artwork. After viewing their site I doubt that there is anything in the world that they could not add mosaics to and chief among them in my book is their Jeannie bottle originals. I canít conceive of the hours of work and conceptualizing that it would take to craft a three dimension design from bits of glass then apply it to a bottle and create a whole new kind of magic in the land of Jeannieís bottle. Be certain to check out

In the earlier version of the review site I resisted the more explicit rankings of the artists, i.e. first second and third but due to the shear volume of e-mail I received requesting such a ranking I have done just that. Please note that these are just my opinions even though they are well informed I urge visitors to read the reviews and look at the photos and draw their own conclusions. Donít forget to read Hajjiís Bottle Buying Guide.

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May 1, 2006

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